My Stories

 Uncle Shelby

The story that won for me my first liar’s contest.


Agnes and Phil     Video- Agnes & Phil

A love story… about a pair of socks. (Socks mate for life, you know.)

Hi, Jack     Video - Pat tells Jack'e story 

Jack, Jack Spratt, Jack and Jill, Little Jack Horner, Jack Frost, Jack Be Nimble and even more Jacks inhabit this story about…, ahmmmm, Jack!

Jack’s daddy’s gone, his brothers Will and Tom have left home to seek their fortunes, so there’s only Jack and his mama at home in their little house way back in the mountains, and things are not going well.  The spring rains washed their garden down the mountain, the cow quit giving milk, the chickens all went on strike, and they’re in danger of starving to death.  Jack convinces his mother that he can get a job, earn some cash money, and get them back on their feet again.  He just needs a few days to do it.

The adventure doesn’t go quite as he had planned… but do they ever?

Mama's Miracle     Video- Mama's Miracle

When I was seven years old, I was convinced my mama had worked a miracle. For a little girl living in a Catholic community, this was powerful indeed. It only took me 36 years to finally come full-circle with this story.

Hag of Plymouth

Plymouth Harbour is haunted, haunted by a girl whose lover is lost at sea, whose wedding dress hangs in her bedroom, a grim reminder of what should have been, a girl who waits and waits and waits for a ship that never comes.

Rum Cake

Every Christmas I make rum cakes. Due to its high alcoholic content, this particular cake ended up feeding the birds - and that’s when the fun began!

Donal and Kate

What happens when a husband is spirited away, to a place where time does not exist, while his wife spends her days, and her youth, searching for him? And when he’s rescued, he doesn’t know her.